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JBS Elderly Health & Wellbeing Foundation Africa has rigorous monitoring and evaluation processes in place on a number of different levels.

  1. We have auditors who will check our accounts at the end of every financial year. We will have a copy of our Annual Report available at the top of this page at the end of our 1st year in December 2021 & at the end of each year thereafter. You will be able to see these audits in full & download them if needed.

  2. Our country offices and programme staff regularly assess programmes, ensuring that activities are relevant and sustainable and that money is being spent for its stated purpose.

  3. At a local level, we are setting up Older Citizen’s Monitoring Groups – groups of volunteers who have been trained to monitor programmes that are being delivered in their communities. They are older people themselves and they will report back to programme staff if there are any problems.

How we spend money raised : How donations are spent
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